Officetel Eco Green Saigon

Sales policy of Eco Green Saigon apartment

What is a Officetel? Officetel is different from the apartment, the price Officetel is more expensive or cheaper than the apartment, frequently asked questions or concerns the article below will answer the above questions.

What is an Officetel ?: It can be defined as a multifunctional apartment that can live as a normal apartment that people usually buy to live in. Officetel also has the function of making the company office can register the paper. business license. Officetel is the apartment just in the office.

Officetel is a trend of choice for both buyers and sellers who can make their own space with suitable space for medium and small business owners.

Office-tel is a real estate property that is very popular with young people with a combination of the old can open a company office to meet the living needs of the owner of the apartment.


Officetel Eco Green Saigon apartment area of ​​25-50m2 with the price from 1.5 billion you can own a luxurious and modern Officetel apartment just can open the office.

Officetel Eco Green Saigon


Location: Located at the gateway of District 7 adjacent to District 4 and 2 major urban areas of Phu My Hung and Thu Thiem Urban Area, and especially owning a system of transferring through the center of District 1. Convenient and fast only takes about 10 minutes.

The investor of Eco Green Saigon project is one of the most prestigious investors in real estate brand with high economic potential.

The price of Officetel Eco Green Saigon is better than nearby projects.

The office space of Officetel Eco Green Saigon is diversified to help you make the right choice according to your needs.

Officetel Eco Green Saigon has an average area of ​​25-50m2 and reduces the cost

Officetel Eco Green Saigon You can stay in the open office.


The area of ​​Eco Green Saigon apartment is designed and small design so the price is not attractive too high to help the buyer can be representative office or to stay.Officetel Eco green Saigon

Officetel Eco Green Saigon can use the company’s registered business address.

Placing corporate signs in front of apartments and reception halls as normal

Inherited all the advanced utility services of Eco Green Saigon project

The value of Officetel Eco Green Saigon is good, increasing with time

Officetel Eco Green Saigon is available for rent at a higher price than normal apartments.